A new dimension of flavored drinks Sappe! Juicy pieces of aloe vera with an unmistakable aroma of fresh peaches is a union that will impress you! The peach is a symbol of summer and beverage Sappe Aloe Vera brings a whole new dimension. Let yourself be carried away by the waves of fantasy with a taste that symbolizes summer and well-being more than anything else. Let the sweet, luscious taste of peaches take you away and drink it at full blast.

Energy: 119 kJ
Energy: 28,5 kcal
Carbohydrate < 0,1g
Sacharidy: 7,0 g
of which:  
- sugar 7,0 g
Fat < 0,1 g
of which:  
- saturates < 0,1 g
Fibre < 1,0 g
Sodium < 0,01 g
Non-alcoholic drink with Aloe Vera, with peach flavour, with sugar and sweetener. Energy-reduced.
Volume: 300 ml. Ingredients: water, dextrose, Aloe Vera - cubes (10%), acidity regulators: citric acid, sodium citrate; peach concentrate (1%), aroma, thickener: gellan gum; Calcium lactate, sweetener: sucralose. Pasteurised. Protect against direct sunlight. Store in dry place.
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